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The PRO Detangler Brush

The PRO Detangler Brush

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  • Improves Curl Definition
  • Helps Reduce Frizz and Flyaways
  • Smooth Blow-Drying
  • Works on Wet or Dry Hair
  • Perfect for All Hair Types

Why you need it.

Most detangling brushes tug on the hair, causing significant breakage. That's why we made the PRO Detangler boar bristle brush. Massage and stimulate your scalp with our scalp
stimulating bristles, minimize frizz and shedding, and enjoy tug-free detangling. Plus, it provides even product distribution so your curls can be shiny, voluminous, and just plain gorgeous.


  •  92% found their hair had less frizz 96% found their detangling process much faster 94% agreed to say this product brings more definition and structure to their curls
  • Consumer acceptance test conducted with 50 people between 18-40 years, current users of hairbrushes. Product use for 1 week.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Great for hair but kinda hurts…

I love the definition and shine I get from this brush, but I wish the nylon bristles had comfort tips on the end… mine looks like they were cut with children’s scissors.

Nicole D.

Absolutely the best brush I’ve ever used.

ariella c.

worth it. My kids are biracial with coils that can be painful to detangle and this brush has mode the morning hair combing so much easier. It moves through tangles quickly and leaves curls intact, reducing frizz. 💯 recommend.

Emma K.

I really loved how it took my curls and legit lifted them so much more! It’s hard to find hairbrushes that actually work for curly girls so I am so thankful to have one of these brushes!

Melinda D.

This brush definitely helps define my curls. I love it!